Custom Face Sausages

You always wanted to see your face or that of your friends or family on a sausage? No problem! We make custom face sausages especially for you. Send your photo to: The production time is approximately 2 weeks after receipt of payment. (During peak seasons, production time may take longer.) We look forward to your picture!

Logo Print

We work with textile transfer printing. This is a type of printing in which the design is first cut into a foil with a plotter. The opposite side of the film is coated with an adhesive that is activated with heat and pressure. The monochrome design is pressed onto the brooch or textile materials with a heat press before it is sewn together. Textile transfer printing is ideal for small-batch production, custom design, and making complex creations with accuracy. Please reach out to us today to realize your individual and unique print designs! We can easily customize our products to serve you for conventions, weddings, birthdays and more! Customers can choose from our array of beautiful colors and materials.


Custom Length

100 grams are not enough? You want MORE! That's no problem either! All our sausage rolls can also be customised in length. Chirizo, net salami, gourmet salami, beer ham, black pudding or delicious face sausage, depending on your taste. They are also ideal for use as window or door rolls. Send us your measurements and which type you would like to have directly to and we will answer any further questions you may have. The production time is usually approx. 2 weeks after receipt of payment. During peak periods, however, there may be longer waiting times. The price is 120€. We look forward to your order!