Heart to Heart

The design call heart to heart was launched by the design label Aufschnitt for the Berlin Design Week 2022. The design project is based on the idea of establishing a closer relationship with the fashion world and thus opening the door to the fashion world for the Berlin Aufschnitt showroom. For the project, international designers were asked to present their collection pieces in the showroom. The participating designers were given the opportunity to reinterpret the heating pad of their cushion collection Aufschnitt with the Aufschnitt designer Silvia Wald. Starting from the original, with embroidered veins, all designs and designers are presented below. Some of the hearts were created entirely by the designers, while others were the result of craftsmanship and creative exchange within the design teams.

FADE OUT Label is a unisex line of inclusive clothing and accessories made from deconstructed vintage using handcraft methods. Each item is a piece of art which he is composing through the use of materials, patina and textures. In that way the designer, who studied fine arts, creates new unrepeatable alchemies. All FADE OUT Label items adapt to various occasions and to different personalities due to their simple yet well studied oversized fit. FADE OUT Label’s belief in sustainability of both material and actual production leads to a direct relationship to customers, which allows custom-tailoring and made-to- measure garments. The cover of the heart was sewn by fade out label and the darning work by Aufschnitt.

a.ACHAT is a Berlin-based fashion label that understands itself as a platform, rather than just a clothing brand. It aims to establish an interface between contemporary art, fashion, food, and music. The brand creates handmade products in small quantities and small irregularities are part of their character. The projects are often based on collaborations with artists, illustrators, and graphic designers. They use techniques like screen printing, hand painting the fabrics or designing our own patterns for digital print. This heart did not use the standard pattern, instead colorful rope is used to design a heart knot.

2020untainted is an upcycling brand and makes only unique ‘one of a kind’ pieces without season. Head designer and bespoke tailor Sophia Wameling makes every piece by hand in her Studio in Berlin. The aim is to make size inclusive and modern pieces by using high quality second hand materials such as silk, cashmere, wool and cotton. For this collaboration the designing has worked exclusively with pre loved cashmere knits, the loose filling material gives the heart a particularly soft feel. The cheerful choice of colors is one of the designer’s Design DNA. The heart was entirely made by the designer.

“Crack” is the fundamental concept of the brand SIMON CRACKER. It means destruction: cracking something useless and give it a new life. Inspired by his grandpa‘s philosophy of looking at things from a different perspective before throwing them away, created the frame of his current work. „CHAOSBRANDING“ (todays ‘cobranding’) is a winning formula“ said the designer. Creative assemblages of discarded, already worn pieces, curtains and other unexpected finds from the bulk production guarantee the winning concept. The results are small wearable Frankensteins, full of deliberate irritation, but with a one-of-a-kind value. The fabrics for the cover of the heart were selected and painted by Simon Cracker. The additionals were taken from designer Silvia Wald’s favorite worn blazer. In a video call, the designers discussed the form in which the blazer cuts should be added. The heart was sewn and filled in the Berlin studio by the Aufschnitt design team.

A New Kind of Blue is a design studio building new circular pathways in fashion and textile production. Based in Berlin, A New kind of Blue is looking for locally embedded solutions to global problems with the starting point in circular economy. The studio is founded by material and product designer Tim van der Loo and Techno-Anthropologist Sandra Nicoline Nielsen. For the collaboration, A New Kind of Blue worked the heart cushion from Aufschnitt with their textile innovation a quilted fleece. the material is made from postconsumer denim fibers and embroidered over large areas in different patterns. The heart was entirely made by the designer.

Howitzweissbach is a design team that consists of Eva Howitz and Frieder Weissbach who are from the traditional mountains area. Their collections are artistically elaborate and graphically dedicated to their heritage of that area. They are inspired by the art of craftsmanship and use local resources to manufacture their collections on site in Jahndorf. In the collaboration with Aufschnitt, a white heart made of linen material was decorated with red lines and red-blue patterned graphic wooden pins. the design finds its origin in the wood carving tradition. The heart was sewn and filled by Aufschnitt and sent to the designers for surface treatment.

Margit Kasper, saddler & designer, is the founder of miukh. Every miukh bag is made by her in her Berlin studio. No factories, no exploitation, but handmade with love and know-how. The leather is purely vegetable tanned and, in addition to being handcrafted, makes the bags long-lasting favorites. There is no detail without function on miukh bags, there is as little design as possible and as much as necessary.

Since 2016 SACK & ASCHE stands for authentic urban fashion from Berlin: Wearable avant-garde described through the mix of sculptural futuristic Design combined with casual pieces. The designer approaches her style by incorporating natural materials like silk, cotton and wool finished with decorative screen printings. All of her pieces are carefully crafted at the Berlin based studio. The heart was entirely made by the designer.

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