Our story

We can imagine that you wonder how such a unique idea has emerged.
Founder and Managing Director Silvia Wald studied clothing technology in Berlin until 2007. She founded here in 2008 the studio for cutting design and model making named cold cuts. Aufschnitt Berlin came to life as a play on words from the word Schnittkonstruktion, the basis for the creation of clothing and the butcher's term cold cuts in the sense of sliced ​​meat. Paradoxically, Silvia Wald is a vegetarian herself, but she loves to give her fashion industry customers mini minced sausage as an advertising present. The sausage was loved by everyone and soon caused a stir. Nowadays, cold cuts offer a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every taste in the world. Our curiosities and delicacies can be found not only in the simple butcher, but also in bakeries, vegetable shops, on markets and of course in our concept business in Berlin. In the future, we believe that we can implement everything textile and we are happy to expand the product range to the supermarket.

Aufschnitt Berlin is one of the most extraordinary labels in the area of designing lifestyle products and textile home accessories and is building a bridge to the explosive issues of the food industry. Aufschnitt Berlin stands for grotesque humor, whose absurdity reflects the zeitgeist of our society. The unmistakable naïve style of textile implementation of food, the love of materials and a design and processing know-how of over 12 years make our products unique. The product line of cold cuts Berlin mimics everyday sausage and meat products in traditional sewing techniques. We process cotton, lycra, microfibre and synthetic leather, dye with natural dyes, use screen printing and round off the products with original materials from the butcher industry.

Our studio ...

Our studio is located in the trendy alternative district Berlin Friedrichshain and embodies the multicultural and creative spirit of Berlin. We are a constantly evolving and growing group of 7 self-employed individuals, from graphic design, product design, accounting, sales and production. We design, cut, sew, dye, screenprint, pack and sell most of the products in our studio. Often it is very busy here and you can hear at least 2 different spoken languages every day.
We work in an open studio and are always excited to have an inspirational conversation during our work. We look forward to your visit.